Discover the CocktailBlaster for your restaurant:

Do you run a restaurant and want to offer your guests an unforgettable experience? Integrating the CocktailBlaster into your catering offer can be the key to more success and satisfaction for your guests.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should use the CocktailBlaster in your restaurant:

1. speed and efficiency:

Time counts in the catering industry, and our CocktailBlaster can prepare drinks in seconds. This means shorter waiting times for your guests, which can lead to higher satisfaction and more sales.

2. consistency and quality:

Every drink prepared by the CocktailBlaster is of consistently high quality. You can be sure that your cocktails will taste perfect every time, with no variation in flavour or strength.

3. extended cocktail selection:

With the CocktailBlaster, you can offer a wide range of cocktails that you may not have been able to offer in your restaurant in the past. From classics to modern creations, the possibilities are endless.

4. creative freedom:

You can develop your own signature cocktails and programme the machine to perfectly execute your unique recipes. This gives your restaurant a distinctive flavour.

5. cost efficiency:

The CocktailBlaster helps to closely monitor alcohol and ingredient consumption, reducing waste and lowering costs.

6. attract attention:

The CocktailBlaster is not only a practical tool, but also an attractive attraction for your guests. They will remember the innovative experience and will be happy to come back.

7. the CocktailBlaster does not get sick and saves you labour costs.

8. training and support:

We provide comprehensive training for your staff as well as ongoing support and maintenance for the cocktail machine to ensure it runs smoothly.

9. the CocktailBlaster is the ideal addition to your restaurant
Take your bar to the next level and exceed your guests‘ expectations.

10. and last but not least

It’s a lot of fun to work with the CocktailBlaster and earn money.
Revolutionise your cocktail service. Make your restaurant the place for unforgettable drinks and unforgettable moments.

Ready to experience the future of cocktails?

CocktailBlaster – your key to first-class service and unforgettable flavour experiences.